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  • Brian Reece SellTorontoRealEstate - Is your home toxic

    Is Your Future Home Toxic?

    Most new builds are pretty safe, from a toxicity point of view. Developers have to meet guidelines and by-laws for the area they are building in and that includes not using toxic materials in the construction. Older homes, however, can contain some interesting—and ultimately [...]

  • Condo Living With a Family Why it Might be a Good Thing

    Condo Living With a Family: Why it Might be a Good Thing!

    Have you ever been to Paris? Wander around Paris, throughout most any neighbourhood, and you’ll notice there’s a remarkable lack of houses. Lots of apartments and walk ups; few single family dwellings. If we assume that Parisians enjoy having families as much as the [...]

  • What’s Going On With the GTA Real Estate Market?

    If you believe the media, the sky is falling. Trust me: it’s not. Sure, there’s a slow down happening. That was inevitable! The market has been too hot to handle for a long time now. It was a matter of time for a small [...]

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  • Thinking About Buying an Older Home Watch for Hidden Costs

Thinking About Buying an Older Home? Watch for Hidden Costs!

For some, the only way to get a foot in the door in a tough real estate market, like Toronto, is to compromise on the wish list and buy an older home. Older homes have [...]

  • Brian Reece - Trees on Your Property

Trees on Your Property: Lovely… Until They’re Not!

It’s true that having a treed lot is a nice ideal. The trees provide shade in the summer and some privacy from other homes, as well as just adding to the general peace of [...]

  • 2017 contest winners

2017 Contest Winner!

In 2017 I held a contest for $10K. If you bought or sold with me between March 1 to December 31, 2017 you had an opportunity to win. Polly and Terry Huynh were the [...]

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Reece’s Story

Having lived in the GTA the majority of my life and having finally settled down in Little Italy / Dufferin Grove, my perspective…


Buying a Home

When you decide to work together, our first step is to lay out a realistic plan of how we will begin our real estate journey…


Buying a Home

When you decide to work together, our first step is to lay out a realistic plan of how we will begin our real estate journey…


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“Thank you very much for all the hard work that you put into my [...]

Keith and Maria Russell

“As first-time home buyers we needed someone who would guide us through the process.  Brian [...]

Edward Cunningham

“As a first time home buyer, working with Brian Reece was a wonderful experience.  Brain [...]

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  • Brian Reece - Bully Offer

What is a Bully Offer?

In today’s market, when a home is listed for sale, the realtor will often suggest to the homeowners to schedule a date to accept offers. Let’s say, you list your [...]

  • Brian Reece - Do Realtors create Bidding wars

Do Realtors Create Bidding Wars?

Yes and no. A realtor’s job is to ensure they do what’s best for their clients, the home sellers. Part of a realtor’s responsibilities is to prepare a home for [...]

  • Brian Reece sell before buying anew house

Should I Sell My House Before Buying a New One?

That will depend on the market. Right now, we are facing a seller’s market. It means it is very difficult to buy a home.  I normally recommend to my clients [...]

  • Brian Reece home inspection

What is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Home inspections can be done by a buyer, as part of the offer with the condition on inspection, or it can be done by the seller, as part of the [...]