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Buying with Reece

When you decide to work together, our first step is to lay out a realistic plan of how we will begin our real estate journey. Only after I have fully understood the needs of you and your family will the search and viewing process begin.

During the search, I like to put myself in your shoes and view each potential property as if I were considering buying it myself. I then use my years of experience and knowledge to make sure that you are well informed and that you fully understand your options.

I ensure that once you’ve made your final selection and the transaction has been finalized, you will be happy and confident that you have just bought the right home for you and your family.

Added Value

  • I personally cover the costs associated with property inspection, since I want you to know what to expect before committing to a purchase,
  • I provide you with as much service and care as needed to guide you through the pre- and post-closing process, and
  • I can arrange for a consultation from a licenced electrical or HVAC professional to review and confirm the safety and options available.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or have gone through the process before, buying a home will go more smoothly when you follow the Road Map below.  Click on the icons  below that indicate where you are in the buying process:

Getting Pre-Approved

Get in touch with a Mortgage Specialist to get pre-approved. Know your parameters and be sure to review costs (ie. closing costs, land transfer tax, legal fees, etc) to avoid any disappointments.

Choose a Realtor

Choosing the right realtor is a big decision. Be sure to interview 3 prospective realtors. Ask for references (past clients) and ensure they have your best interest in mind. Check out Top 3 things to look for in a realtor.

Initial Consultation

Let’s meet to discuss your needs, wants, and wishes.  My initial consultation is to get to know you better and see if I’m the right realtor for you. What better way to get to know each other than while eating together.

Let's Start Shopping

My job isn’t just to show you homes you’ll love. I’m here to talk you out of the homes you might love if they are not the right fit for you. I am the beacon of light amidst the emotional storm of buying and selling. Get in touch today.

Due Diligence

In today’s market, we need to be certain we can go in firm on an offer. Ensuring that we are approved financing prior to an offer as well as a home inspection will increases your chances in obtaining your home in a bidding war.

Making an Offer

With hold back on offers and bully offers, I’ll guide you through the process of which strategy to use for your home purchase. Negotiations can take 1 to 3 days with counter-offers; my goal is to make it as stress-free as possible.


Once all conditions have been met and your home is sold firm, you will need to meet with a lawyer two weeks before closing to sign additional documents. I can provide you with the names of some great lawyers.

Getting Ready to Move

Congratulations. Keys in hand, you’re now ready to move. I don’t simply disappear after the legal paperwork is complete. I’m often involved in the entire process, including moving, to make it as seamless as possible.

Welcome Home

Don’t be surprised if I call or visit even after you’ve moved in. I want to be sure you are happy and comfortable in your new home. If you ever need a referral to an electrician, plumber, painter… you name it, I got it!

Lets Get Started!