Top Three things to look for in a Realtor

The Realtor that you choose is extremely important in ensuring your home sells for a fair price and finding the perfect new home while ensuring a smooth process all around. Not all Realtors have the best reputation, and many are just focused on the sale! Our experience with Reece was unique and different. With Reece comes comfort and peace of mind that can’t be bought or found with any other realtor I have met. However, not everyone will be so fortunate or able to work with Reece! So if you can’t, then here are three things we recommend that you look for in a Realtor.

First, look for a Realtor who will find what’s wrong with the home

When buying our first home, Reece used his incredible knowledge of home renovation and the real estate market to assess if a home was right for us. He didn’t apply any pressure to buy or walk away. He gave us the information, and we made the decision. As a result, he stopped us from buying many homes that for various reasons weren’t right for us. Some of the issues Reece found in the homes we looked at were a faulty electric panel, water damage distance from work or not the right type of neighborhood. Being so busy, and inexperienced in purchasing real estate, these are all issues we probably wouldn’t have noticed. A Realtor who looks for what’s wrong with a home is definitely looking out for your best interest, not for the money that goes into his pocket!

With Reece’s guidance, we ended up with a beautiful place in Whitby which we loved. We called him 4 years later to find out how much homes were selling for in our neighbourhood and his immediate response was “Start packing, it’s time to sell!” Home prices had increased tremendously, and he knew we could find something bigger and better. Because of our previous experience with Reece, we completely trusted him and he has always exceeded our expectations.

Second, look for a realtor who is not focused on a quick sale, and who spares no expense

Most realtors will tell you to take professional photographs, declutter and stage your home all in preparation for the sale. Although this is good advice, it can cause incredible financial and emotional stress that can be demanding and overwhelming on you and your family. But not Reece! To our surprise, when we were selling our Whitby home, Reece organized and paid for staging, decluttering and professional photographs. He wanted to do everything he could to ensure the house would sell for a fair price, and as you can see, it did. He didn’t just do this for the sale, he paid out of pocket on our new place too.

When we were putting an offer on our second home in Brooklyn, we were planning to organize the typical pre-purchase home inspection. But because the house had a pool, we insisted on a special home inspection to ensure that the moisture from the pool did not cause damage inside the house. This inspection cost $1000 (yikes) and Reece absorbed the cost to ensure our peace of mind before moving in. In addition, and as a gift, Reece paid for the wooden storm door to be replaced with a new, modern door with an invisible screen – another $1000 towards our new home, and we love it.

Most Realtors won’t invest this kind of time, money, energy and heart into your home. They might give you recommendations, but rarely will they reach into their own pocket and spend on your home before you buy or sell.

Last, look for a Realtor with raving testimonials

When a Realtor’s business is 99% repeat and referral, and each client served refers many more clients, you know the Realtor is doing something right. It’s easy for Realtor to boast “Top 10” status on billboards, but getting real stories of real estate experiences from previous clients will tell you what a realtor is really all about. I’ve known Reece since high school and I’ve seen his real estate clientele grow year after year. When you hear stories from Reece’s past clients, they glorify his work ethic, knowledge, commitment, generosity and so much more. Working with Reece is like working with family, he only does what’s best for you.

A Realtor who meets these three criteria will put you first, and help you to find a home that meets your needs without exception. From our first purchase in Whitby, to first sale and finally to our second purchase in Brooklyn, Reece was incredible. He always put us first, protected us from harm’s way and truly spared no expense in ensuring we found the perfect home. With a realtor who is this generous, hardworking, honest and caring, it’s hard to go anywhere else. I am a client for life.  

David and Meagan

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