We Loved Working in the Heart of the City, and Then Coming Back to our Dream Home

Calling it a life-altering experience is an understatement.  Having a baby has been the most joyous and rewarding experience of our lives, but we have had our share of tears, hardship and sacrifice. My wife and I struggled to have our first child, and after 7 long years, we were finally blessed with our beautiful baby girl who instantly became the center of our lives.

The first 11 months of her life were filled with new experiences, laughs, diapers and postpartum recovery. Prior to our daughter’s birth, both my wife and I travelled from Oshawa to Downtown Toronto for work. We loved working in the heart of the city, and then coming back to our dream home – a home we could never afford in Toronto. For 3.5 years, we really felt like we had the best of both worlds.

Then the moment arrived. My wife would go back to work, which meant our daughter would spend her days at daycare. It seemed like a good plan, but after the first month we both knew it wouldn’t work for much longer.  Our days started at 5:30am, and we had to drop off our 1 year old and her breakfast to daycare by 6:30am. By 6pm, we would pick her up only to rush home to feed, bathe and put her to bed. After 4 months, we decided it’s time to sell our home and move closer to the city. Reece helped us buy our Oshawa home over 4 years ago, and his warning to us at that time was the distance from work. Naturally, when it was time to sell, he was the only one we trusted.

Reece completely understood that we loved our house, but we love our baby girl more. He sold our house within 24 hours of being on the market!

Selling was easy, now came the hard part, and thank goodness for Reece…

We sent him on a wild goose chase. We gave him our budget and told him that we need to be close to work. We had no idea where we wanted to live, how much it would cost and how realistic our many requirements were. We weren’t easy to work with, and being so tired, we left it completely up to Reece to figure out what’s best for our family. Reece was completely focused on our needs – balancing our desire to live close to work, our budget (Toronto is extremely expensive) and our many demands. We didn’t have to worry about the competition (some places we looked at sold for 200K over asking!), the bidding wars, or the emotions that come with rejected offers, because Reece handled it all – keeping what’s best for us front and center at all times. What we could afford in Oshawa could buy us a shoe-box in Toronto. Knowing this, Reece kept looking until he found the perfect place for us. After seeing 20 different homes, we found a beautiful 1400 square foot condo in East York – an amazing part of the city, within our budget and very close to work.

The result? We now sleep 2 extra hours per day, only commute for 20 minutes and most importantly, we spend 2.5 more hours per day with our baby girl (including dinner together every night). Our quality of life has improved dramatically and the buying process was (almost!) completely stress free – a result of Reece’s patience, understanding, deep knowledge of the Toronto real estate market, his dedication to ensuring we find the best home (within our budget and at the best possible price) in a location that would give us our lives back.

It’s rare to find a real estate agent who really understands your needs, cares and will do anything to make finding the perfect home a reality. From helping us to stage and declutter our home (at his expense), to selling, then buying and even coming by after the sale to check that everything is ok, Reece treated us like his own family. He is not a transaction based realtor and our needs were genuinely his priority throughout the entire process. He did not spare any expense or time for us, and it was obvious that he put great thought into every home he showed us, so no moment looking was wasted.

We now live in our perfect family home, spend much more time with our daughter, and we’ve never been happier.

Richard and Gina Kearney

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